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Mayor's Message

November 2023

An overdue repaving, sharing our librarian, a nice award for the town, and a little bit about our animal services are in the news, along with what seems like a non-stop schedule of events this fall.

First, however, some timely reminders.

From November 1 to January 1, only leaves may be placed to the curb, and piles must be at least ten feet from storm drains. Brush and limb collection is suspended during that time. Failure to adhere to these requirements subjects violators to a summons and fine.

This is a critical health, safety and environmental issue. Exceptions are occasionally made in the event of a severe storm or high winds with extensive, town-wide tree damage, and will be posted on the borough’s website.

A second reminder: please lock your cars , even when leaving your vehicle for just a few minutes. Little Silver has been fairly fortunate, according to police Chief Paul Halpin, but car theft is still a local and state-wide issue. Please continue to discourage thieves from targeting our town by locking up.

And a last reminder: Election Dayis November 7 . Early voting extends from October 28 through November 5, and Little Silver is again hosting a location at the Womans Club. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

On Election Day, polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Please contact borough hall if you have any questions, but please do exercise this important right.

In paving news, many of you have inquired about the repaving of the west end of Silverside Avenue as you approach the railroad crossing, which was torn up due to a sewerage authority project requiring extensive excavation.

We’re told that the authority will complete curb-to-curb repaving before Thanksgiving, both there and nearby on Oceanport Avenue, which was disrupted by the same project. Let’s hope the weather allows this badly needed repaving to stay on schedule.

In shared services and library news , our librarian, Anita O’Brien, will bring her expertise to Fair Haven’s library on a part-time basis. There will be no disruption to the service, hours and programs at the Little Silver library.

The shared service with our friends in Fair Haven makes sense for Little Silver from a financial and professional perspective. We know Anita is up for the challenge, and look forward to hearing about her new project.

In other positive news, the borough recently received an award from ACCSESNJ , a non-profit that advocates across New Jersey for services and products by the disabled. Little Silver employs a group that hires exclusively among those who have a physical or mental disability, and has been extraordinarily well-served by the friendly, hard-working staff.

If any of you are interested in the services provided by this charitable group that advocates for employment of all persons with disabilities, please check out their website at

And in the critters category, Little Silver, like all towns, has the need for an officer responsible for the capture and impoundment of at-large pets and the care of injured, trapped or sick animals . Yes, the proverbial ‘dog catcher.’

For some years, now, the Monmouth County SPCA has provided that service for an economical $425 per month. The Borough in October renewed its contract with the MCSPCA for another year, which prompted this writing to clarify the services provided.

The MSPCA’s services do not include ridding private residences of bats in the attic, squirrels in the tool shed, geese on the front lawn, and the like. Those problemsare the responsibility of the resident. The MCSPCA may respond to calls from private residents in such instances, but the resident will be charged for the service.

Rather, the MCSPCA responds to public safety hazards and calls about injured, trapped or sick animals, such as those suspected of being diseased. That includes animals whose lives are endangered, or who have bitten or are a danger to people.

The MCSPCA also enforces laws, such as those involving animals running at large, licensing, and dangerous dogs.

If you have a concern about an animal that may be a public health threat or involve an emergency, please call the police department. Questions regarding further clarification of the MCSPCA’s services should be directed to the clerk’s office.

As to all the activity around town, it started with an outdoor concert by the Cliffs, food trucks, and a beautiful day attended by hundreds of residents in early October – our first Festi-Fall.

By the way, that event was sponsored by the Little Silver Endowment Fund , a separate charitable endeavor, which held a getting-to-know-you gathering last month to introduce its purpose and benefits. Without competing with other town charitable groups such as the EFLS or our volunteer services, the Fund seeks to raise money to support events or borough improvements that might not otherwise be in the municipal budget.

Donations, gifts and bequests are tax-free, and potential projects include a flag pole at Parker Homestead, a yearly fall festival such as the Cliffs concert, playground improvements, and more. To learn more about the Fund, please contact the clerk’s office. A website is coming soon.

Our friends in Rumson have benefitted by such a Fund for years, and we thank them for providing the framework and support for such an endeavor.

Othersuccessful events in October included Coffee with a Cop , an informal gathering at the Turning Point with our officers;the Little Silver Fire Department’s annual Halloween Parade; the Little Silver PTO’s Little Silver 5K – one of their biggest fundraisers; the CROP walk; and the Environmental Commission’s Environmental Day , which helped us clean out our attics, garages and basements, and to learn about the environment.

The multiple rainy weekend days stopped only the Parker Homestead’s fall festival , but the Homestead has much more upcoming activity , especially around the holidays. Events and dates are always in this newsletter.

Upcoming events include our important Veteran’s Day service at Memorial Park on November 11 at 9 a.m. Veteran Al Doty has kindly agreed to say a few words; please come take a moment to honor those who have served.

As I finish this up, our storefront windows are painted with seasonal scenes thanks to our eighth graders from Markham Place School , Halloween decorations (seems like there are lots of skeletons this year) proliferate, and the holidays (bringing new decorations) are just around the corner.

On behalf of the governing body, we hope everyone enjoys this time of year, and has a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! As always, if you have any concerns, please call borough hall at (732) 842-2400, orcontact me directly by callingmy home phone at (732) 576-8595, or emailing me at .