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2023 Mayor's Messages

May 2023

A new police officer, two new firemen, a budget, and the funding (without impacting the tax rate) of improvements at Santelle Park marked April, with our Memorial Day Parade, a key road closure, and other happenings coming up in May.

And of course, next month, our 100 th birthday celebration, with opportunities for sponsorships and the on-line ability to purchase memorabilia in full swing.

So yup, just a little bit going on here in our small town.

First, our new police officer, Charito Cintron , who is bilingual: she is a graduate of the Academy of Law and Public Safety, served as a Class II special officer in Avon-By-The-Sea, and has a BA from Montclair State University in Family Science and Human Development, with a double minor in Criminal Justice and Families.

Chief Paul Halpin and the governing body officially welcomed Officer Cintron at her swearing in, attended by friends,family, and distinguished guests. We’re very proud to have her, as we are of all of our officers; please extend a warm welcome when you see her around town!

And down the street at the Fire Department , two new candidates completed the 196 hours of training required to become a fire fighter: residents Chase Nicholl and Bill Nitto .

Many residents don’t realize that becoming a firefighter requires such extensive training prior to state certification – and the amount of continued training and practicing required of firefighters once they’re on the job.

Little Silver is very fortunate to have these two new firefighters on our all-volunteer squad, so please welcome them if you have the opportunity.

Next, the governing body passed the 2023 municipal purposes budget in April, following a public hearing.

As reported last month, despite having to deal with more than $759,000 in cost increases in areas the Borough has very little control over, we were able to leverage prior budgetary cost savings, efficiencies, and attrition to offset almost half the increase to reduce the impact to our residents as much as possible.

With the overall projected increase in property valuation, the municipal tax rate (about 23 percent of your total tax bill) will again decrease this year from 0.422 in 2022 to approximately 0.405 in 2023, meaning that the average property valued at $790,000 will see a tax decrease of $134.30, assuming the value remained unchanged. If its value increases at the average rate the Borough is projected to increase for 2023, the owner the average-priced property valued at $790,000 in Little Silver would pay about $164 more this year in municipal purposes taxes.

The overall tax rate will be calculated once the remaining components of your total tax bill (including both school districts and the county) are finalized. Thanks to our Finance Committee, departments heads, our Borough Administrator and Borough CFO for their diligent efforts during this months-long process.

In other Council business, the governing body put the funding in place (using grants and our existing Open Spaces fund in order to avoid a tax impact) for significant improvements at Santelle Park , including restrooms, pickle ball courts, additions to the dock, and other upgrades.

We don’t presently have a start time for this work, but will keep you updated as the project proceeds.

As to the BIG PARTY, please check the 100 th Birthday website at or its Facebook page for sponsorship opportunities at several different levels, and to purchase souvenir merchandise such as blankets and prints to help fund the effort.

And please remember to calendar the event, to be held on the fields behind Borough Hall on June 24, 2023, with a rain date of June 25. Food, music, fireworks and more!

Next, a sewerage authority project will result in the closure of Silverside Avenue at the railroad crossing for up to a week, presently scheduled to begin May 1. Sometimes these start dates can change at the last minute, so please keep an eye out on the borough website, Facebook page, Constant Contact and emergency alerts for potential changes in the time, and for detour information.

The authority will be repaving Silverside and Oceanport Avenue curb-to-curb once this extensive repair (extending under the railroad tracks) is completed and has time to settle.

Also in May: the annual drive by our friendly letter carriers to help the hungry . You can help the National Association of Letter Carriers by putting a bag with non-perishable food items by your mailbox on May 13, 2023.

Your letter carrier will deliver the items to a local food bank. Over the years, this national drive has collected more than 1.67 billion pounds of food, so please help if you can.

Lastly, a couple seasonal reminders.

First, this is tick season , so after enjoying our walking trails, fields, and parks, please remember to check yourself, the little ones and pets for these parasites.

If you have questions or want to get a tick tested for disease, our County Commissioners have posted lots of information and answers to frequently asked questions on their website. Go to, and search on ‘ticks’ in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Secondly, hurricane season begins next month. Please be sure you are signed up or emergency alerts: click on to sign up or call boro hall for assistance. The alerts can be life-saving in an emergency, so please don’t delay. Here is some additional helpful information on storm preparedness:

In closing, as we approach Memorial Day, please remember our men and women in uniform, and especially the young men from Little Silver who lost their lives in battle : Richard L.J. Conner and Henry G. Woodruff in World War I; John R. Toomey, a paratrooper killed during the Rhine jump in World War II; Tom Firth, who died in a gun battle in South Vietnam in 1965; Jordi Grez, who was killed by an IED in Iraq in 2005; and Tinker Dorn of Shrewsbury, killed by sniper fire in South Vietnam, and whose brother Dan, a Little Silver resident for many years and a U.S. Marine, assists in our ceremony.

And of course, please come to our Memorial Day parade , stepping off at Willow Deli at 8:30 on Memorial Day, culminating in our Memorial Day ceremony at Memorial Park. We hope to see you there.

On behalf of the governing body, we wish you all the best at this time of year.As always, please call borough hall with any concerns, or contact me directly by calling my home phone at (732) 576-8595 or emailing me at .