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2023 Mayor's Messages

August 2023

August 2023

By the time you read this, the LSPD’s National Night Out will have been (we’re sure) a success, a couple paving projects will have been completed, and the borough will be looking toward the dog days of August and (believe it or not) the start of school in September.

In the meantime, the Borough Council has passed a formal resolution supporting a grant application to fund improvements at Sickles Park, and is discussing a tree-preservation ordinance meant to prevent the wholesale removal of trees prior to a building project.

And of course we’ve got concerts coming up and events at the Library and Parker Homestead, which has been very active in recent months, and continuing into the fall.

At Sickles Park, the Council is seeking a county grant to fund a substantial portion of the park improvements, including the addition of a scaled-back parking lot adjacent to the playground, and the reconfiguration of the current lot and roadway to make the area safer.

The proposal has been a topic of discussion for several years, and we appreciate the county’s consideration of our application to help bring it to fruition.

Regarding the tree ordinance, the Council had a productive public discussion at a recent meeting. All kinds of options were kicked around, including requiring an inexpensive permit to remove a tree more than 6 inches in diameter (or perhaps another size limit) at breast height, and restricting the total percentage of trees that may be removed from a property in some circumstances.

No ordinance has yet been introduced, and neither of the above possibilities were agreed upon. The discussion is likely to continue at future meetings, and we will keep everyone informed.

Next, and because it’s August and hurricane season, I have to risk sounding like a broken record (remember records?): please sign up with CodeRed for emergency notifications. If you haven’t done so already, visit, and click on the CodeRed button on the left side of the home page, or pick up a registration form in borough hall. You can also call borough hall or CodeRed directly at (866) 939-0911 for assistance.

You’ll get prompt notification of everything from serious traffic issues, to road closures, to potentially life-saving news and instructions in an emergency.

Doing so will not only protect you and your family, but will assist the LSPD and our volunteer emergency teams, who at this writing planned on hosting one of the town’s best community events on August 1 - National Night Out.

Our thanks to everyone for bringing us all together on the fields behind Borough Hall for some food and cool beverages, fire department and EMS demonstrations, crime prevention tips, emergency vehicles, slides, games, a DJ, and more. We hope everyone enjoyed meeting our hard-working, professional, and friendly community police department and volunteers.

Lastly, my yearly reminders at this time: if the summer heat’s too much for an outdoor adventure, or if indoor activities are more your thing, please don’t forget about the borough Library, located on Prospect Avenue next to Borough Hall. Air conditioning, wifi, a breezy patio, and so much more await readers of all ages. And their child-oriented offerings are second to none, as you’ll see elsewhere in this newsletter.

Please also remember the Parker Homestead, which is open to visitors on Sundays, noon to 4 p.m., with tours led by our hard-working trustees. See the new apple orchard, learn a little about this property dating to 1650, and find out all that’s coming up at this historic (although air conditioned) landmark.

The Homestead will also be hosting an antique car show on August 13 from 8 to 2, which is always a family-friendly hit.

And please remember that our recreation department is always busy, as you’ll see elsewhere in this message, including a concert by local musical standout The Wag on August 24, from 7-8:30 p.m. on the patio behind borough hall.

As always, borough hall is available to take your calls with questions or concerns (see our new hours posted in this newsletter), or I can be reached at, or at my home phone at (732) 576-8595. On behalf of the governing body, we wish you cool runnings this August.